Instant Pot Smart WiFi 6 Quart

    Instant Pot Smart WiFi 6 Quart review

    The instant pot is a versatile appliance designed for people who want to cut short the time used in cooking delicious meals. If you take over 2-3 hours cooking a specific dish, then it is the time to shift to the instant pot. It will help you prepare your meals in less than one hour. With that in mind, it is critical to purchase the best product if you want to have the best cooking experience. Instant pot smart WiFi is one of the best instant pots in the market today that offers the ability to control the cooker by use of an App you’re your Android device or iOS. It is as well a multipurpose appliance; it can be a slow cooker, yogurt maker, sauté pan, warmer, pressure cooker, porridge/rice cooker, cake maker, and steamer.

    Instant port smart WiFi 6 comes with a huge LCD display containing about 5 icons that indicate the status of a pressure cooker, sound ON/OFF, heating, keep warm, and WiFi. The exciting part about this instant port is the ability to connect and pair with Smartphone. You can connect from any distance and keep checking the progress of the cooking even remotely. Another thing is that it comes in only a single size: the 6 quarts. This instant pot comes with a rice paddle, red silicone mini mitts, steamer rack, and soup spoon along with the set. Furthermore, smart WiFi 6 is UL certified and gives you up to 10 mechanisms to be safe alongside a guaranteed design that prevents some common errors.


    Sync with a Smartphone:

    The smart WiFi 6 quart is a Bluetooth enabled appliance and will easily connect with your iOS or Android phone app to smoothen the whole programming process. You can use it for cooking favorite recipes and monitoring the cooking. The app uses advanced settings that offer the user the ability to control it under different functions. The best thing about this feature is that you can control up to 1000+ programmed recipes. You can as well monitor the cooking from any distance. You also get the chance to receive notifications directly from your phone.

    Build up:

    It comes with modern technology. It includes a microprocessor that assists in controlling the pressure level, maintaining the time, controlling the temperature, and change the intensity and duration of the heat. It is safe to use and store because it is not made with any chemical coating.

    Wifi connectivity:

    One thing to check about any instant pot is the ability to give you the best user experience, and this instant pot gives you precisely that. It is wifi enabled, which makes it easy to use and monitor the cooking progress through graphics. The speed of its wifi is about 2.4 GHz, which is pretty fast enough. This is with no doubt that it is one of the best kitchen appliances that has appreciated technology.

    Cooking speed:

    An excellent instant pot should be faster enough. This one will cook up to 70 % fast. You only need to press the button on your mobile app to get started. The available programs will guess the recipe you want to prepare ones you press the start button.

    Smart programs:

    The instant pot smart wifi 6 has 13 good smart programs. You can prepare broth/soup, chili/bean, slow cook, rice, porridge, yogurt, pressure cook, stew/meat, cake, searing/sauté, Multigrain, steam, and keep warm. All these dishes are easy to prepare. It only requires you to press a button.

    Cooking status Icons:

    Smart wifi 6 has another feature that helps you to know when a certain process is going on. There is an icon to indicate the wifi is on/off, another for pressure cook, there is another to keep warm on/off, sound on/off.


    Smart wifi 6 is UL certified. It comes with up to 11 mechanisms that will offer the safety you deserve. It is not made of chemical coatings that can endanger your life. Also, it is energy efficient and does not emit steam while cooking. It actually contains all smells and actually automates the cooking.

    Warranty option:

    Another great thing about smart wifi 6 instant pot is the warrant offered. The instant pot smart wifi 6 offers up to 12 months warrant. The warranty option shows that the company is convinced of the quality of the product they are selling. If the quality deteriorates before 12 months, you are free to take it back with a 100% money-back guarantee.

    Quality finishes:

    Instant pot smart wifi 6 has brushed stainless steel exterior finish that is resistance from fingerprint with a lid holder for both right and left-handed peoples.

    What’s included?

    Some of the things that you will get after buying this instant pot smart wifi 6 are as follows:

    • Lid
    • Base
    • Mini Mitts
    • Stainless steel inner port
    • Sealing ring
    • Soup spoon
    • Measuring cup
    • Steam rack with handles
    • Serving spoon


    It gives you the chance to start and monitor your cooking from any distance with a phone.

    It also receives a notification when your cooking is complete.

    The wifi and Bluetooth feature make it easy and exciting to use.

    It is fast and programmed to cook up to 13 recipes.


    The wifi feature does not provide any integration with a voice assistant or smart home products.

    It is impossible to change the mode of cooking once it gets started.

    Again, it does not show the numerical readings as far as temperature is concerned.


    We can conclude that Instant pot smart wifi 6 makes delicious meals. If you are in love with modern technology included on an instant pot, then this model is one of the best in the market. It is multipurpose that cooks well a variety of dishes offering the internet enabled extras. Therefore, if you have a small kitchen space, there is no need of having a rice cooker, cake maker, or even a slow cooker. The Instant pot smart wifi is an all in one appliance that can cook up to 13 recipes. It is affordable and cooks food faster. We hopefully think that this piece was helpful. Thank you!


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