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7 Changes In Your Tongue That Are Warning Signs

    Several changes happen in our body, and sometimes it becomes challenging to tell when severe medical signs start to develop. The good thing is that our bodies can detect any signs that something may be wrong. Have you ever stood in front of a mirror sticking out your tongue and trying to look for something unusual? Well, that might be a sign of going through something serious.

    Basically, your tongue should be pink in color covered some small nodules. However, several changes in your tongue indicate some severe medical issues. Below are some changes in your tongue that are warning signs that you require medical help.

    1. White patches on your tongue

    According to research, any creamy spots or white patches on your tongue might be a sign of fungal infection. It happens after taking pills for a while or after an illness due to bacteria imbalance present in the mouth. White patches are as well caused by drinking, smoking, and alcohol. If the white spots are lacy, it implies that tissues in your mouth are affected by your immune system, which leads to lichen planus. If it is leukoplakia, then the white patches will be hard and become challenging to scrap them off. If you identify such a case, then it would be wise to get medical help or else risk having cancer.


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