7 Changes In Your Tongue That Are Warning Signs

Several changes happen in our body, and sometimes it becomes challenging to tell when severe medical signs start to develop. The good thing is that our bodies can detect any signs that something may be wrong. Have you ever stood in front of a mirror sticking out your tongue and trying to look for something unusual? Well, that might be a sign of going through something serious.

Basically, your tongue should be pink in color covered some small nodules. However, several changes in your tongue indicate some severe medical issues. Below are some changes in your tongue that are warning signs that you require medical help.

1. White patches on your tongue

According to research, any creamy spots or white patches on your tongue might be a sign of fungal infection. It happens after taking pills for a while or after an illness due to bacteria imbalance present in the mouth. White patches are as well caused by drinking, smoking, and alcohol. If the white spots are lacy, it implies that tissues in your mouth are affected by your immune system, which leads to lichen planus. If it is leukoplakia, then the white patches will be hard and become challenging to scrap them off. If you identify such a case, then it would be wise to get medical help or else risk having cancer.

2. Fissured tongue

A healthy tongue has a flat surface covered with small pouches containing the taste buds. When fissured tongue occurs, then you will notice some tiny grooves and cracks. The issue is basically identified as you age and experts say that it has to do with genetics although other factors bring about the condition. Mostly, people with fissured tongue experience little harm, but there are some ways to take care of the problems like sensitivity and other infections. It would help if you always brushed to get rid of extra food particles in the cracks of your tongue. Be sure to consult your doctor if you notice lesions along the cracks or you experience any pain.

3. Burning sensation

Most people do experience a burning sensation when drinking or eating something. There is a condition that you can suffer from where you get a burning feeling when there is no drink or food involved. The situation is referred to as burning tongue syndrome. This condition will make your mouth to burn for no good reason. Actually, a burning feeling is caused by some issues like acid reflux, diabetes, infections, and dry mouth. The burning can have a bitter or metallic taste. It is most likely that the sensation is brought about by some foods you eat like acidic foods and pineapple. Candy, some types of gums, mouthwash, and toothpaste can trigger the feeling.

4. Bright red tongue

The tongue is basically pinkish-red in color. Different colors apart from that symbolize some issues. If you identify the red or bright red color on your tongue, then you might be having problems like a vitamin deficiency or geographical tongue. According to expert, vitamin B-12 and folic acid deficiency cause reddish appearance on your tongue. The condition is also known as strawberry tongue and can trigger scarlet fever and Kawasaki disease. Scarlet fever is a disease that causes fever, sore throat, and bright red tongue. It is similar to strep throat and diagnosed by antibiotics. Kawasaki disease, on the other hand, is a disease that affects kids under 5 years. If you see your kind with red tongue, high-fever, then you should visit your family doctor as soon as possible.

5. Red bumps on your tongue

Red bumps on your tongue are basically caused by injuries and trauma, cold sores, canker sores, and allergic reactions. If you identify bumps on your tongue, then it can be a sign or oral cancer. Expert says that bump on your tongue should disappear after two weeks or less. If it extends that time, then the risks of having oral cancer are always high. Always remember some oral cancer don’t cause any pain in their early stages and therefore, do not assume anything by lack of pain. There are many ways to treat this condition. For instance, if the red bumps are cold sores and are large in size or they don’t disappear within a few days, then medical help is required. If the bumps are very painful, then visit your physician for advice.

6. Sore tongue

There are many causes of a sore tongue, and a primary cause is rubbing. Many nerves are ending around your tongue, and therefore, excessive rubbing will hurt it or injure it. An injured tongue is always prone to infections that result in soreness. There are many reasons as to why people rub their tongue against their teeth. Anxiety, kissing, tongue studs, and poorly fitted dentures are good reasons for that. Actually, when you have been on medication, or you have an infection, there is a possibility of having a sore tongue. Besides lichen planus, geographic tongue, Canker sores, and thrush, then it might be a sign of cancer.

7. Smooth tongue

You are not healthy if your tongue appears smooth. A tongue should never appear smooth at all. That probably indicates that you are missing some certain nutrients in your diet. According to research, your tongue might appear smooth, beefy-red in color, or sore if some nutrients like folate, iron, and vitamin B12 levels are deficient. It can as well be an effect of glossitis, especially on women during menopause after the level of estrogen goes down. Actually, glossitis is a condition that results in a swollen tongue that leads to a smooth appearance. Also, there are instances where some papillae are missing on the tongue’s surface. If you have a smooth tongue, it is critical to seek medical help. Your doctor will be able to prescribe antifungal topical antibiotic or medications to treat the issue.

Final word:

These are 7 changes in your tongue that require medical help. Remember that a healthy tongue is an actually pinkish red in color. Check your tongue regularly, and if you find any of the issues mentioned above, then be sure to visit your physician near you. Thank you!

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