The Diabetes 60 System Review by Dr. Ryan Shelton

Dr. Ryan Shelton

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On October 25, 2015
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The Diabetes 60 System was developed after a research that gave quite impressive results. The research sought to establish the efficacy of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) in treating type 2 diabetes.

The Diabetes 60 System Review

Product: Diabetes 60 System
Author: Ryan Shelton
Money Back Guarantee: Yes
Refund: 60 Days
Bonuses: Yes

Being diagnosed with diabetes should never be assumed to be a death sentence. If the condition is well-managed, people suffering from diabetes can live long and fruitful lives. One way to ascertain this is by relying on the Diabetes 60 system which allows diabetics maintain their blood sugar levels at their optimum levels and hence better health. But what is this system and does it confer any real benefits to diabetics? Here is a true Diabetes 60 System review to answer all your questions concerning the system.

Diabetes 60 System Scam

Developed by a qualified and experienced medical practitioner Dr. Ryan Shelton and other researchers after an extensive study, the Diabetes 60 system is a reliable method aiming at reversing type 2 diabetes through natural means. It is based on the fact that type 2 diabetes can be reversed and totally healed by simple and appropriate lifestyle changes. These changes are also helpful in keeping those at risk for diabetes from developing the condition.

The Diabetes 60 System was developed after a research that gave quite impressive results. The research sought to establish the efficacy of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) in treating type 2 diabetes. From the research it was established that the HIIT actually reduces the symptoms associated with diabetes and improves the health of diabetics and prediabetics. Combined with the right diet HIIT was shown to reduce the blood sugar, lower blood pressure levels, improve insulin sensitivity and help lose weight safely in such individuals.

What the Diabetes 60 System is all about:

As the name suggests, this system targets diabetics and those at risk o the disease. All it takes are short exercises done for only 60 seconds a day. These and other lifestyle changes in the system are explained through several media including the main guide + protocol, video collection and support materials sold as bonuses.

The main guide entails all there is to know about diabetes and the system. All the exercises to be performed are explained in detail, an in-depth explanation given on how they will work and the science behind their health benefits. In the first section is a look into the life of a diabetic and the science of what happens when one is affected by the condition as well as some tips on how to handle the condition and emergencies that may be associated with it. The next session looks at exercises that are useful in beating diabetes and the science behind how they work. The protocol gives a step-by-step guide on how to go about the 8-week journey in beating diabetes. The program is broken down into four phases two weeks each based on the objectives. All in all, the end result is a boost in metabolism and better blood sugar levels. A chart is provided to summarize the entire program and make it easy to follow while at the same time highlighting the important steps.

In the video collection, you get to watch qualified instructors guiding you through all the exercises you need to perform on a daily basis. All the 60-second exercises you will be doing are demonstrated and appropriate advice given on how to perform them properly. The advantage of these is that they are easily accessible no matter what device you have access to. They can be played from a DVD player, laptop, cell phone, tablet and desktops. No matter where you are, just spare a minute a day and beat diabetes.

On purchase, the Diabetes 60 System comes with two bonus items; health tracker software and a recipe collection. The tracker will help you keep tabs on your progress in the program. You get to know how useful the program is by comparing the blood pressure values, blood sugar values, weight and other measurements when the program begun, while on course an upon finishing. All you need to do is download the software, install on a device of preferred choice, input daily measurements of the various parameters and the program will compute a chart at the end of the program from which you will be able to see your progress.

The recipe collection is made up of 500 recipes that are not only healthy but also friendly to the diabetic person. There are recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner meals to make meal planning much easier and faster. All ingredients in the recipes are natural and most have been proven to have blood sugar control benefits.

Pros of The Diabetes 60 System:

Science verified:

The Diabetes 60 System is backed by scientific and medical research with reliable results. There have been many studies carried out that have demonstrated the effectiveness of HIIT in maintaining a healthy life and even counter diabetes. The fact that it is led by an experienced medical doctor gives it even more credit as he understands the body’s heath matters very well.


All the program requires from you is a minute a day coupled with healthy eating. No matter how busy you are, you definitely cannot lack a minute to do the necessary to improve your health.


The Diabetes 60 System is designed and written in simple language that is easy to understand for both the young and old alike. The videos make the exercises much easier to carry out.

Guaranteed results:

On purchase, all customers get a 60-day trial period after which they can decide to ask for a refund if the program does not have any positive impact in their lives. This guarantee is an assurance that the developers truly believe in the effectiveness of the system.

Cons of The Diabetes 60 System:

There is only one downside associated with the Diabetes 60 System which is the fact that it is a hands-on venture. You have to actually do as instructed in order to reap maximally from the program. This however does not require much sacrifice. Just a few changes here and there and a minute daily for exercises and diabetes will be a thing of the past.


To sum it all up; if you have been struggling with diabetes this is definitely a program you must try out. It will help reverse the effects of the condition without having to sacrifice too much of your precious time. The program is easy to understand so you do not need any extra help and the basis on proven science guarantee that it is not a waste of time. Just be sure to follow the program to the later.