The Paleo Secret 30 Day Challenge Review

The Paleo Secret 30 Day Challenge Review


The Paleo Secret 30-day Challenge is marketed as a “scientific breakthrough” that heals inflammation and melts every pound of excess fat. Created by Drs. Chad and Brenda Walding, the Paleo Secret is a comprehensive eating plan that features an e-book that guides the user through a 30-day challenge of strict adherence to a Paleo diet without exercise or controlled portioning.

According to the official website, the program works whether you’re young or old, male or female; even if you’ve let yourself go for years. Upon purchase, the user receives an e-book, complete with detailed instructions, coaching, and support. No visits are required, and users are assured to eat delicious, satisfying meals throughout the program.

According to the website, the buyer can expect:

a) No dieting or starvation

b) No food portioning

c) No tracking calories

d) No avoiding social events, parties, restaurants

e) No eating differently than family or friends

f) No feeling weak, tired, or irritable from hunger

For $27, you get the complete 30-day program, plus a few other additional packages including a 66-page manual that breaks down the 30 days into simplified tips that Chad and Brenda have acquired over the years, personal stories, two more guides, a recipe book, and tips for eating out.

Does it work?

Paleo Secret is based on dietary outlines which allow you to enjoy your favorite meals while still losing weight. It’s a delicate (and sometimes controversial) process that is meant to eliminate the hassle of exercise and still allow you to burn fat. Here’s what the Paleo Secret promises:

a) A healthy recipe – which does not take into consideration calorie count

b) Genuine weight loss with drastic body transformation – regardless of age, gender, body type, or current eating habits

c) Higher energy levels

d) Consume anything except processed food, most types of sugar, and grains

e) Prevents hunger pangs

d) Prevents diseases associated with being overweight, including diabetes and heart problems

What to expect:

Based on hundreds of reviews online, much of what is promised on the Paleo Secret 30-day challenge is misleading (others have said worse) and the program creators are not medical doctors so that puts off some people. Aside from making grand claims, they don’t offer insightful information as to how their program differs from any other paleo diet, and how it reverses years of unhealthy eating habits and builds a supple physique without exercise.

What exactly is a Paleo diet?

The Paleolithic period (millions of years ago) is marked as the period that existed right before the stone age, before people acquired knowledge that led to agriculture. Without agriculture, humans were forced to eat wild game, nuts, berries, and tubers. Their diet had no sugar, processed foods, or dairy – and this is what Paleo diets attempt to recreate.

While it’s true that avoiding some types of food can drastically improve your health and make you lose weight, it would be misleading to claim that anybody can shed significant pounds or create a supple body just by avoiding processed food and sugar. Bear in mind that in order to lose weight, one must eat fewer calories than their body needs (calorie deficit) and this applies regardless of your body type or the diet you’re currently following.

A healthy person requires about 300 calories every day, and so the trick is to eat foods that provide just enough calories to perform everyday tasks, but not enough to meet the recommended daily minimum. This would automatically cause the body to start burning fat to make up for the deficit.

Secondly, it is virtually impossible to create a strong body or change the physical outline without some form of exercise. This is especially true for anybody with bad eating habits or a sedentary lifestyle. While there are some individuals who claim to have seen results from this program, there is not enough evidence to show that most people will see good results.


To be fair, there is substantial evidence that eating whole grains is good for the body, and legumes are a good source of essential vitamins and minerals. But today’s Paleo diets are loosely based on the premise that not eating certain foods automatically means that people will transform into the best version of themselves. Aside from outlining what you’re not supposed to eat, this particular weight loss program fails to address the issues that genuinely affect your health (such as exercise, drinking fluids, getting enough sleep, etc.).

Chad Walding holds an undergraduate degree in Physical Therapy and is certified as an instructor in weightlifting, crossfit endurance, and Russian kettlebelt. His wife and program co-creator, Brenda Walding, also holds a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and is also a Tao Flow Yoga instructor. The fact that both of them lack any medical expertise also makes their claims seem more like a marketing gimmick and not real facts based on medical knowledge and proven results.

The Paleo Secret is sold through a third party called Lexicon Health, but you can also get it from their website


Dozens of customers have raised concerns about the price. Apparently when you click to purchase the $27 program, the website introduces additional charges on your credit card (up to $67) without notification. When contacted about it, the program creators will return the $40 dollars but only when the customer files a complaint – and even then, some customers have not been able to get their money back.


If you’re looking to improve your health by changing your eating habits, you can definitely try the Paleo diet, however its important to have realistic expectations about your ability to lose weight, especially when eating freely and avoiding exercise. The Paleo Secret 30-day challenge fails to distinguish itself from any other Paleo diet currently marketed online, and it makes a lot of claims that are not practical or even medically proven.

As with most weight loss programs, this one comes with a money-back guarantee – however a number of customers have posted bad reviews following a dispute over the refund process. The website fails to provide a transparent process for returning money once a purchase has been made, and some customers have only managed to get $40 refunded but they lost $27.