Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol Review Created By Todd Carson

Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol Review

Although tinnitus is not a life-threatening ailment, it can be quite disturbing. This is because of the sensational ringing, buzzing, and clicking in the ears for those suffering from it. It has often linked to dementia. Some of its results include;

▪ Difficulty in sleeping
▪ Easy agitation
▪ Struggling to perform at work or in class
▪ Constant anxiety especially during daytime
▪ Difficulty in communicating with people
▪ Exhaustion

According to recent studies, tinnitus has been linked to neuro-degeneration. The term is used in several conditions to show progressive loss of nerve structure and functions. This is a warning sign that your brain cells could be dying. The study shows that 89% of patients with Severe Disabling Tinnitus show neuro-degeneration.

If you’re one of those suffering from this, rejoice since a solution has been found. All the information you need is in this Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol review. It shows you how you can cure tinnitus permanently without using drugs.

What is Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol?

It’s a safe and straightforward holistic system that will help eliminate all these symptoms affecting you. The protocol was developed by scientists from top medical universities who got astounded by its effectiveness. The program is like a scientific miracle that brings back life without using pills. The protocol is referred to as a miracle since there’s no effort involved.

It’s a scientific breakthrough that uses short but accurately designed sound therapies to retrain your brain and cut all the unnecessary noises in your ears. The protocol addresses the cause of tinnitus, and it hits the “mute button” aggravating sound forever. The program shows how tinnitus can be treated once and for all.

The program proves to be a lifeline for thousands of people suffering from the milder forms of tinnitus to the most severe cases.

It is the only permanent solutions you will ever find on the planet to thoroughly diagnose tinnitus. This will save you money on doctor appointments, any medications you are taking.


How Does Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol Work?

It includes a clinically proven smooth recipe that takes just a few minutes to make. In my research, the ingredients had been created by a famous scientist by the name of Kyoko and the recipe had been named after her.

One of the ingredients goes by the name of Imo which is a purple sweet potato. The other component is Natto which is a breakfast food consisting of fermented soybeans and smells like a cross breed of old cheese and unwashed socks. Also, amongst the ingredients was a rare type of seaweed by the name of Kombu.

The unique part of all these strange sounding foods in Kyoko’s recipe is that they had one thing in common. They all had particular nutrients proven to repair the myelin sheath. The myelin sheath is a white protective casing with 70% of fat surrounding the auditory nerve, which carries sound signals to the brain.

Other useful ingredients in Kyoko Recipe;

🔷 Quercetin acts as a potent antioxidant and phytonutrient. It also helps repairs the myelin sheath.
🔷 Kombu contains Cobalamin aiding in myelin degeneration.
🔷 Includes additional traditional foods such as;

  • Bitter melon called Goya
  • Loofah a cucumber-like vegetable
  • Okinawan tofu
  • Bright green sea lettuce called Asa

Pros Of Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol:

1. It’s fast and efficient.

You don’t need six months or three months to get results! The myelin sheath reaches normal at 30 days. Kombu acts as the excellent source of Cobalamin which plays a vital role in the production of myelin. Cobalamin deficiency prevents the body from repairing damaged myelin.

2. It uses natural ingredients

The Kyoko recipe is composed of 12 clinically proven nutrients which repair the myelin sheath. No chemically made tinnitus drug is used.

3. Inexpensive ingredients

All the ingredients used are affordable foods to all.

4. Locally available ingredients

A good example is the Okinawan people who have these rare ingredients provided in their fancy stores.

Cons Of Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol:

1. Pharmaceutical industry tries to natural patent ingredients

The pharmaceutical industry is known for its innovativeness to make money. Though they aren’t allowed to natural patent ingredients, they still rebrand these natural ingredients to produce antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs for use in the treatment of tinnitus.

2. Weight gain

The ingredients used are locally available. However, the Okinawan people and their traditional diet of the purple sweet potato traditionally added a total of 69% of their total calories.

3. Some ingredients are practically impossible to find

It’s rare to see nearby places selling all these ingredients.

4. Expensive to ship

Shipping these local foods is way out of the question as the costs would be too high.

Some other methods used to cure tinnitus;

Use of the different combination of herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables and other foods in the same ratio as ingredients used in the exact nutrient levels needed.

A well-made smoothie

Stan, another scientist, worked against all the odds and beyond his time of duty to come up with this. He formulates an easy to follow protocol containing the same 12 nutrients from Kyoko’s recipe but with one crucial difference. This recipe proved to be more potent than the original formulation itself.

He experimented with the smoothie on a patient by the name of Isabelle. Nothing seemed to happen from the first to the tenth day, until the 14th day when something remarkable happened to her.

Her hyperacusis had vanished. Hyperacusis is a condition characterized by increased sensitivity to normal sounds.

🔸She was no longer super sensitive to normal sounds.
🔸Improvement in her tinnitus and improved hearing
🔸She would wake up happier, brighter and bright-eyed
🔸She began reading again and could concentrate
🔸She would watch TV comfortably with time and go out with friends and family
🔸Improved sex life





I would recommend this guide to anyone suffering from severe Tinnitus symptoms. It’s the only way to achieve complete elimination and prevention of Tinnitus.

Through various studies, it’s proven that most of those who have used this procedure have seen it helpful.

Enjoy the one thing that you never thought you would miss, SILENCE! Be confident that all the ingredients used are natural and beneficial, rather than detrimental to your body. This is the only sure way of restoring your internal sound system to default settings. No doubt about that!

Each morning you’ll wake up from a good night rest full of energy and revitalized. I believe this is the best and most educative review that you’ll ever read. Try this program now to regain your life and make it worthwhile.