Fungus Destroyer By Dr. Grant Anderson Is A SCAM! (Helpful Review)

Fungus Destroyer By Dr. Grant Anderson Is A SCAM!

Product: Fungus Destroyer
Author: Dr. Grant Anderson

Fungus Destroyer authored by so called Dr. Grand Anderson is a deliberate scam meant to turn you into a “money making machine”. Why would I make this terrible accusation? If you get the chance to watch a video on the protocol’s official page or read the text version of the page carefully, you will quickly learn why I say so.

The nauseating video begins by making a bold but terribly incorrect statement “Blood Microscope Uncovers the Real Root Cause of Nail and Skin Fungus Infection…” First, skin and nails are superficial organs and any infection of them can only be seen by microscopy of the specimens obtained from the affected areas. Blood microscopy (although he refers to it as blood microscope) will reveal systemic fungal infection or immune disorders.

The scammer then introduces his back-story where he claims to have lost his father due to complications of foot fungal nails and skin infections. He claims his father succumbed to liver failure. In a bid to treat his severe fungal infections, he received antifungal medications that led him to develop liver failure but died because he could not receive a liver transplant due to unprofessionalism of the doctors treating him.

Dr. Grant Anderson says he was a medical student at the time but he could not do anything to help his father. This alongside the unprofessionalism of the doctors dealing with his father mad him MAD and this led to the birth of his Fungus Destroyer Protocol. If he was a medical student at the time, surely he should have known that the best way to reverse liver failure in his father was discontinuing the antifungal medications he was taking. May be he was not aware that his father’s liver problems were because of antifungal medications.

Let us take a critical look at the information he reveals and the contents of the eBook itself. You will see just how far this desperate scammer would go to get that hard-earned cash from you!

Dr. Grant Anderson Is A Stolen Identity!



The author of this protocol, Dr. Grant Anderson could be a stolen identity. According to the information he reveals about himself, he runs a holistic clinic is San Diego. Unfortunately, many doctors share the very same name but their specialties have nothing to do with holistic medicine. He also fails to give specific details about his holistic clinic, information which San Diego residents would be desperate for. Besides, I could not find any relationships between a Dr. Grand Anderson, a holistic clinic in San Diego and Fungus Remover.

User Reviews And Testimonials Are Bogus At Best!

One tool used by scammers to hoodwink their targets is user reviews and testimonials. In the beginning, the author uses to comments and testimonials of three people- Jimmy Curly, Kate Hudgens and Rob Klein. There is absolutely no way to verify the identity of these “real” users. He does not provide any photos, addresses or any other information that would help us verify their identity. The only available photo is before and after image of legs, which am sure come from the internet.

One of the reviewers is Dr. Rob Klein, M.D. FACS. It was also very difficult to verify the identity of this doctor and his patient whom he claims was cured of fungal infection by the Fungus Destroyer protocol. The doctor claims to have gone through the protocol and was surprised by the scientific research behind the protocol and the case studies.

Remember neither the author nor the reviewer carried out the research and case studies, the information came from one Chinese doctor named Dr. Jiang Xi Liu. It is possible the author uses the name of this doctor with or without his knowledge because our research revealed no connection between Prof Jiang Xi Liu and Dr. Grant Anderson or the Fungus Remover Protocol.

Below are some confounding facts to prove Fungus Destroyer is a scam:

1. The reasons why fungal infections are difficult to treat have nothing to do with root cause. Fungal spores, contrary to the claim by the scammer, cause superficial fungal infections of skin and nails. Fungal infections are difficult to cure because:

· Fungal cells are eukaryotes just like human cells and therefore medication that kill them also kill human cells.

· Fungal infections are often superficial and this makes it difficult for medications to work on them.

2. It is incorrect that skin and nail fungal infections are common in old age. Even younger people suffer from fungal infections. What matters is exposure to the fungal spores and health status in regards to immunity.

3. In reality, no remedy can cure fungal infection in the timeframe (12 hours or less) claimed by the protocol especially in the older members of the society. This is an outright lie. The bodies of the elderly respond albeit slowly to remedies whether conventional or alternative. Nature works but it takes time and therefore patience to see results (if possible).

4. Fungus Destroyer protocol is just another way to milk money from desperate individuals. The author claims that he persuaded Dr. Jiang Xi Liu to reduce the cost of the protocol from $299 to $99. That still appeared too much and so he reduced it further to just $69 for those who would buy it in the next 5 minutes at the time I checked the official site. From this one sided bargain, it is clearly evident that the scammer cares more about convincing you to spend than offering you actual solution.

5. Do not be attracted by the money-back guarantee, as it is just another trick into purchasing a fake product. Consider what would happen if you sent the money received the protocol and it proves useless. How will you get back your money? Although he promises to return your investment, it would be wishful to think he means what he says.

Verdict: Fungus Destroyer is a Scam! Do not waste your money on it.

You have worked too hard to your money just to let some lazy, corrupt and fraudulent individual rob you of it right in your eyes. The so-called Dr. Grant Anderson is a desperate scammer that thrives on confusing real sufferers of fungal infection into seeding him money for nothing.