My Honest Fungus Terminator Review By Dave Bennet Is A SCAM

My Honest Fungus Terminator Review By Dave Bennet Is A SCAM

Product: Fungus Terminator
Author: Dave Bennet
Refund: 60 Days

Nail and skin fungus is a real problem. Although it does not kill, it can seriously reduce quality of life of the infected person. Infected skin and nails are painful, deformed and discolored. These effects can spell doom for the sufferer, especially considering the fact that such fungus is stubborn, nasty and very difficult to eliminate. This is why many desperate scammers take advantage and milk money from innocent sufferers whose only wish is to get their nails and skin healthy again. Fungus terminator is a program that claims to help individuals suffering fungal infection “permanently” get rid of foot fungus.

The question asked by many is whether Fungus Terminator is effective or is just another scam meant to hoodwink customers and milk hard earned cash from them. This fungus terminator review will try to answer this question exhaustively. In the end, you will be able to make the right decision whether to purchase it or not.

Fungus Terminator Is A Scam!

Can we verify this bold claim? The answer is yes, as you will soon realize in our succeeding discussion. To begin with, the author’s website contains an excerpt of the literature review of a journal entitled “Medical Progress- Progress in Dermatology”. We are not sure why this excerpt is included. Reading it does not reveal anything remotely related to natural ways to cure fungal infection of the skin and toes. In fact, the article talks about irradiation as a treatment method.

Just below the excerpt, the author makes another bold claim – “New Breakthrough Reveals How to Wipe out Nasty, Stubborn Foot Fungus”. It is not clear whether this claim has anything to do with the literature review included in the website. The bottom line is that the author is not able to very his claim of a new breakthrough technique that to him could cure skin and nail fungus overnight.

Who is Dave Bennet?

The author of Fungus terminator is named Dave Bennet. It is impossible to verify whether this is a real person or just a penname. What is curious is his story. He says he developed the program to save his mother who almost had her foot amputated because of widespread fungal infection. Bennet claims that what his mother thought was a simple toenail infection turned out to be a “highly contagious killer bacteria… Responsible for poisoning her entire left foot without her even knowing it…”

It is true that toenail fungal infection, if ignored, can spread to the surrounding tissues. It seems the author does not know what he is talking about when he claims that toenail fungal infection turned out to be a highly contagious bacterial infection. Can fungi suddenly change into contagious bacteria? These are two different organisms.

In very rare cases would a toenail fungal infection spread to the entire foot without you realizing it. The infection is extremely painful and the more widespread it is, the more pain you will feel. It is not possible to ignore such terrible pain. It is not possible for someone to live with untreated toenail fungus for twelve years without seeing a doctor because of excruciating pain associate with such infection. No qualified doctor would watch the infection get that far without doing something to at least halt the progress.

The author did very well to provide potential customers with “real snapshot” of the infected feet of his mom. The problem with this snapshot is there is no way to verify it really belongs to her mother. If the Author really cared about his customers, he would give compelling evidence that the photo is real.

Further Proof That Fungus Terminator Is A Scam!

From the above information, we have learned that Dave Bennet has very little knowledge, if any, of the connection between fungal infection and bacterial infection. As someone who has been affected personally and who did “everything in his power” to find a cure for nail and skin fungus, we expect him fill us with confidence that he knows what he is talking about. Below are some of the reasons why we consider this product a desperate scam:

· Currently there is no natural permanent cure for fungal infections:

The goal of Fungus Terminator is to enable you cure nail and skin fungus fast and permanently. The problem is that curing fungal infections naturally is easier said than done. Fungal cells are eukaryotic meaning they resemble that of animals. Human cells are also eukaryotic. Products that hurt them will also hurt human cells. This is why doctors and pharmacists are struggling to find a cure for fungal infections.

Nature is good in providing some of the most important and effective solutions to health problems. However, there is no evidence of herbs, plants, fruits, seeds, juices or oils capable of killing eukaryotic cells “almost overnight” as claimed by the author of Fungus Terminator. They may work by complementing immunity and healing takes time to be seen.

· There is no such thing as relationship between individual toenails with different organs:

This is perhaps the most serious evidence that Fungus Terminator is a scam. I am medical practitioner, proficient in anatomy and physiology. During my years in medical school, I never once met any relationship between toenails and organs of the body. The author quotes one Professor Tao Wong who “used a particular type of Ancient Chinese Medicine to heal his patients when traditional methods failed…” According to him, Wong said, “When waste deposits build up in certain parts of your body, it leads to bacteria being attracted to outside parts of the body, like toes or hands…”

Additionally Wong said, “To eliminate a fungal infection from invading and spreading, you simply have to clear out the waste from the main organs connected to them.” This claim is ridiculous. Simply getting rid of waste deposits in certain organs cannot realistically cure your toenail fungal infections. Unless the author can verify this claim, we treat it as a desperate move to confuse you, the customer into parting with your hard-earned cash.




As you may have learned from this thorough, unbiased Fungus Terminator review, it is a desperate scam from a desperate scammer. If you are suffering from toenail fungal infection, other legitimate and effective remedies may take time to work but produce realistic results. Do not lose your money to a swindler who does not care a little bit about you.


Fungus Destroyer By Dr. Grant Anderson Is A SCAM! (Helpful Review)

Fungus Destroyer By Dr. Grant Anderson Is A SCAM!

Product: Fungus Destroyer
Author: Dr. Grant Anderson

Fungus Destroyer authored by so called Dr. Grand Anderson is a deliberate scam meant to turn you into a “money making machine”. Why would I make this terrible accusation? If you get the chance to watch a video on the protocol’s official page or read the text version of the page carefully, you will quickly learn why I say so.

The nauseating video begins by making a bold but terribly incorrect statement “Blood Microscope Uncovers the Real Root Cause of Nail and Skin Fungus Infection…” First, skin and nails are superficial organs and any infection of them can only be seen by microscopy of the specimens obtained from the affected areas. Blood microscopy (although he refers to it as blood microscope) will reveal systemic fungal infection or immune disorders.

The scammer then introduces his back-story where he claims to have lost his father due to complications of foot fungal nails and skin infections. He claims his father succumbed to liver failure. In a bid to treat his severe fungal infections, he received antifungal medications that led him to develop liver failure but died because he could not receive a liver transplant due to unprofessionalism of the doctors treating him.

Dr. Grant Anderson says he was a medical student at the time but he could not do anything to help his father. This alongside the unprofessionalism of the doctors dealing with his father mad him MAD and this led to the birth of his Fungus Destroyer Protocol. If he was a medical student at the time, surely he should have known that the best way to reverse liver failure in his father was discontinuing the antifungal medications he was taking. May be he was not aware that his father’s liver problems were because of antifungal medications.

Let us take a critical look at the information he reveals and the contents of the eBook itself. You will see just how far this desperate scammer would go to get that hard-earned cash from you!

Dr. Grant Anderson Is A Stolen Identity!



The author of this protocol, Dr. Grant Anderson could be a stolen identity. According to the information he reveals about himself, he runs a holistic clinic is San Diego. Unfortunately, many doctors share the very same name but their specialties have nothing to do with holistic medicine. He also fails to give specific details about his holistic clinic, information which San Diego residents would be desperate for. Besides, I could not find any relationships between a Dr. Grand Anderson, a holistic clinic in San Diego and Fungus Remover.

User Reviews And Testimonials Are Bogus At Best!

One tool used by scammers to hoodwink their targets is user reviews and testimonials. In the beginning, the author uses to comments and testimonials of three people- Jimmy Curly, Kate Hudgens and Rob Klein. There is absolutely no way to verify the identity of these “real” users. He does not provide any photos, addresses or any other information that would help us verify their identity. The only available photo is before and after image of legs, which am sure come from the internet.

One of the reviewers is Dr. Rob Klein, M.D. FACS. It was also very difficult to verify the identity of this doctor and his patient whom he claims was cured of fungal infection by the Fungus Destroyer protocol. The doctor claims to have gone through the protocol and was surprised by the scientific research behind the protocol and the case studies.

Remember neither the author nor the reviewer carried out the research and case studies, the information came from one Chinese doctor named Dr. Jiang Xi Liu. It is possible the author uses the name of this doctor with or without his knowledge because our research revealed no connection between Prof Jiang Xi Liu and Dr. Grant Anderson or the Fungus Remover Protocol.

Below are some confounding facts to prove Fungus Destroyer is a scam:

1. The reasons why fungal infections are difficult to treat have nothing to do with root cause. Fungal spores, contrary to the claim by the scammer, cause superficial fungal infections of skin and nails. Fungal infections are difficult to cure because:

· Fungal cells are eukaryotes just like human cells and therefore medication that kill them also kill human cells.

· Fungal infections are often superficial and this makes it difficult for medications to work on them.

2. It is incorrect that skin and nail fungal infections are common in old age. Even younger people suffer from fungal infections. What matters is exposure to the fungal spores and health status in regards to immunity.

3. In reality, no remedy can cure fungal infection in the timeframe (12 hours or less) claimed by the protocol especially in the older members of the society. This is an outright lie. The bodies of the elderly respond albeit slowly to remedies whether conventional or alternative. Nature works but it takes time and therefore patience to see results (if possible).

4. Fungus Destroyer protocol is just another way to milk money from desperate individuals. The author claims that he persuaded Dr. Jiang Xi Liu to reduce the cost of the protocol from $299 to $99. That still appeared too much and so he reduced it further to just $69 for those who would buy it in the next 5 minutes at the time I checked the official site. From this one sided bargain, it is clearly evident that the scammer cares more about convincing you to spend than offering you actual solution.

5. Do not be attracted by the money-back guarantee, as it is just another trick into purchasing a fake product. Consider what would happen if you sent the money received the protocol and it proves useless. How will you get back your money? Although he promises to return your investment, it would be wishful to think he means what he says.

Verdict: Fungus Destroyer is a Scam! Do not waste your money on it.

You have worked too hard to your money just to let some lazy, corrupt and fraudulent individual rob you of it right in your eyes. The so-called Dr. Grant Anderson is a desperate scammer that thrives on confusing real sufferers of fungal infection into seeding him money for nothing.

Japanese Toenail Fungus Review

Japanese Toenail Fungus Code Program Reviews By Terry

Japanese Toenail Fungus Code Program Reviews By Terry

Product: Japanese Toenail Fungus Code
Author: Terry
Money Back Guarantee: Yes
Refund: 60 Days
Bonuses: Yes

Are you an individual suffering from the ever humiliating, silent yet deadly toenail fungus disorder? If so, you should make it a point to read this unbiased Japanese toenail fungus code review to the very end. You are guaranteed to discover an ancient, effective Japanese remedy that is guaranteed to help you get rid of your humiliating condition while also helping you significantly boost your immune system, hence; making you live a healthy, fulfilling life. You are about to join over 140,000 previous toenail fungus sufferers who have finally been able to alleviate their disorder for good.

Japanese Toenail Fungus Code Video

About the Japanese Toenail Fungus Code:

Japanese Toenail Fungus Code is an easy-to-use, step-by-step, holistic, ancient, completely natural Japanese remedy that has been scientifically proven to get rid of the ever stubborn toenail fungus. This digital system was developed by Mr. Terry, who is a professional baseball player. Terry had previously suffered from the dangerous disorder which almost destroyed both his life and baseball career. This was until he was taken to an 84-year-old ancient Japanese healer known as Dr. Ishiguro, who provided him with various potent natural Japanese remedies that he later used to permanently get rid of his condition.

According to Dr. Ishiguro, toenail fungus is a potentially harmful condition that is mainly caused by incorrect nail trimming, especially when one fails to correctly trim his or her toenails at the corners. These now relatively sharp nails end up digging into the nearby toe skin’s soft tissue, thus; causing swelling, redness and irritation all which are usually accompanied by severe pain. It is scientifically documented that there are over 50,000 different fungi species in the environment surrounding us. This means that these sharp nails end up exposing your toes to such harmful fungi.

The life-saving Japanese Toenail Fungus Code natural remedy is guaranteed to work for you regardless of your age, gender, and disease stage or health history. Unlike the insanely priced yet side effect ridden medications like Sporanox and Lamisil that are commonly prescribed to toenail fungus sufferers, this ancient natural remedy has no negative side effects whatsoever. This scientifically proven digital system that is provided to you as an easy-to-read eBook guide is guaranteed to help you reverse your toenail fungus disorder in 14 days or less.

What is even better is the fact that the instructions provided are quite simple and very easy to follow and you are required to only set aside up to 10 minutes each day to get rid of the condition. The Japanese Toenail Fungus Code digital system does not require you to take any pills or supplements, or undergo multiple nail removal surgical processes or super-expensive laser treatments. Inside the amazing eBook guide, you will also come across various proven natural tips on how you can prevent the condition from ever coming back.



You will also be educated on the common places the creepy, harmful toenail fungus hides as well as be shown The “Green Magic Ingredient” that is guaranteed to almost immediately stop the spread of the dangerous infection once applied on the affected area. Japanese Toenail Fungus Code is an ancient proven holistic natural remedy that attacks the dangerous toenail fungus right at the root while fighting it on all fronts to ensure it is permanently eradicated. Being a holistic natural remedy, the Japanese Toenail Fungus Code system can also do wonders for your overall health.

Japanese Toenail Fungus Code actively works to boost your immune system. This is very important as doing so strengthens your immunity, which may have been previously compromised by the silent yet deadly micro-organism (toenail fungus).

How the Japanese Toenail Fungus Code Natural System Works?

This effective natural system works in 4 simple steps as described below.

Step 1: Cleaning the affected nail

You are required to clean the affected nails, particularly with warm water. This will not only get rid of the bacteria on them but also provide you with a clean area to work on.

Step 2: Applying the natural remedy

This step requires you to know physically apply Dr. Ishiguro’s natural remedy to all the affected nails. Kindly note that you will be shown how to make this super-effective natural remedy on your own when you purchase and read the highly informative guide. All the natural ingredients required to make the remedy can be easily found at your nearest food store or supermarket.

Step 3: Waiting for the remedy to absorb

You can now wait for about 7 to 10 minutes for the applied natural remedy to absorb into the affected area.

Step 4: Repeat the steps above daily

Finally, you are required to repeat the three steps provided above daily until you start noticing an improvement in your condition. This usually takes up to 14 days (2 weeks).

Bonus eBook Guides Offered:

1. “Fountain of Youth”

This amazing guide provides you with multiple ingredients and recipes to rejuvenate your body. The ingredients and recipes are based on ancient Japanese medical practices that were used to cure all types of human malfunctions. Also provided is a complete list of delicious antioxidant natural foods that you can eat regularly to make your body appear up to 30 years younger. You can also benefit greatly from the natural detox meals and medicines that you can use to eliminate harmful toxins from your body.

2. “Superhuman Immunity”

Having a low immunity exposes your body to various germs, auto-immune diseases, fungi, viruses, and bacteria. This may make you continuously vulnerable to various diseases and you may end up losing your life if you are not lucky. However, this should never be the case as this bonus eBook guide provides you with multiple natural remedies that are guaranteed to give you ironclad immunity, hence; even prolonging your lifespan.

3. “Easy Fixes for Smelly Feet”

Are you an individual who is increasingly scared to take off your shoes due to the pungent, unpleasant smell emanated by your feet? If so, you should read this beneficial guide that is full of 10 simple, natural remedies that you can use to get rid of smelly sweaty feet in just seven days.

Pros Of Japanese Toenail Fungus Code:

  • Japanese Toenail Fungus Code is completely natural and free of any side effects.
  • This natural system is very affordable (costs $37).
  • The program also helps you to improve your overall health.
  • Japanese Toenail Fungus Code has already helped over 140,000 people to reverse their condition.
  • The digital system is very easy to use.
  • It only takes about 14 days to get rid of your condition.
  • Dr. Ishiguro is a respected Japanese healer who has practiced the same for decades.

Cons Of Japanese Toenail Fungus Code:

  • There is no hard copy provided.
  • The digital system can only be accessed via the internet.



You can now finally permanently reverse your toenail fungus condition simply by purchasing and using the natural remedy that costs a mere $37. There are over 30 million Americans who are currently living with this ticking time bomb. It is high time to stop being a statistic and instead finally conquer your worst fears. Try the ancient remedy described in this Japanese Toenail Fungus Code review today and watch all your health related troubles disappear.

The Flat Belly Code Program Reviews By Drew Hamilton

The Flat Belly Code Program Reviews By Drew Hamilton

Product: The Flat Belly Code
Author: Drew Hamilton
Money Back Guarantee: Yes
Refund: 60 Days
Bonuses: Yes

Are you an overweight individual looking for an all natural way to not only lose stubborn body fat but to also get the lean toned body you have been secretly wishing for? If so, then it is in your best interest to read this comprehensive yet unbiased Flat Belly Code review to the very end. You are guaranteed to discover tons of new revolutionary proven weight loss tips and techniques that are aimed at helping you shed extra body fat regardless of your age, gender or body type. The revolutionary digital product discussed below is likely to change how you look at weight loss in general.

Flat Belly Code Video

About the Flat Belly Code System:

Flat Belly Code is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step, take-you-by-the-hand natural weight loss blueprint that will provide you with various scientifically proven tips and techniques that you can easily follow to permanently lose stubborn body weight. The digital system which mainly involves a combination of dietary and exercise strategies was developed by Mr. Drew. Drew was able to use the natural techniques provided in the digital system to lose an average of 40 pounds and even transform his once unattractive belly into one with sexy abs within a very short period.

You will be required to exercise less and eat even more while following the tips provided in the digital guide. Apart from helping you lose stubborn body fat, the Flat Belly Code digital system which is presented to you as an easy-to-read eBook guide will also help you increase your energy levels as well as improve your overall health. You will be finally able to keep off various life-threatening illnesses like some types of cancers, diabetes and heart disease all which are closely associated with obesity.

The Flat Belly Code digital system works to permanently address all your weight related issues simply by treating the root cause of the problems. Unlike other highly ineffective scam systems on the market today, this digital program does not require you to take any insanely priced yet side effect ridden pharmaceutical pills or supplements, carry out high intensive exercises or follow various highly restrictive bland diet plans that eventually do you more harm than good.

Apart from helping you get rid of the stubborn body fat that is making you increasingly overweight, the digital system also seeks to educate you on various common weight loss myths and misconceptions. Below are the top 3 weight loss misconceptions discussed in the system.

a) Fat-free products are good for you!

According to the digital guide, food companies usually add foreign ingredients to their fat-free products to make them even better. These additional ingredients end up inhibiting the functioning of your body’s fat loss and metabolism hormones, hence; forcing you to unwillingly add even more weight. According to Drew, fats are not necessarily bad for the body as there are certain types of fats that have been scientifically proven to aid in weight loss when consumed.

b) You must engage in calorie counting!

According to Mr. Drew effective weight loss comes down to what one eats instead of how much one eats. He instead provides you with a list of healthy, natural foods that you can easily consume regularly to accelerate your weight loss progress without having to worry about your calorie intake.

c) You have to exercise more for faster results

According to the digital system; a set of professional short exercises that only take approximately 5 to 10 minutes each day can help you lose even more weight provided you carry the workout sessions at the required time. These short exercises have been proven to be more effective than spending all the day in the gym.

How the System Works?

The entire Flat Belly Code program has been developed using the “H” Factor principle. According to the principle, weight loss is a natural body process that is mainly influenced by hormones rather than calories. There are specific body hormones that are responsible for controlling how much food is stored as fat and how much of the fat your body actually uses for energy. These same hormones also control your energy levels and hunger.



Flat Belly Code then provides you with a set of natural foods and exercises that you can use to influence these body hormones to store less food and fat as well as to increase the amount of body fat burnt to produce energy. This will enable you to make the hormones work for you instead of against you. Drew claims that our body is preprogrammed to be healthy and fit while we are born. However, various environmental factors eventually force us to become overweight with time. He then provides you with a series of effective lifestyle changes that you can introduce into your life to reset your body to its original state.

Bonus Guides Provided

1. “Flat Belly Smoothies”

Inside this guide, you will come across over 40 all natural smoothie recipes that you can follow to prepare healthy yet delicious smoothies that you can drink as meal replacements. These smoothies not only contain enough calories to fill you up completely but also consist of special ingredients and nutrient ratios that positively influence the workings of your fat burning hormones.

2. “28-Day Flat Belly Meal Plan”

This is a comprehensive weight loss meal plan that is full of interesting recipes that you can use to prepare various mouthwatering dishes that can be consumed regularly to help you lose weight. All the recipes provided in the digital guide take less than 10 minutes to prepare, taste great and are perfect for everyone especially those with a tight budget.

3. “No Excuses Workout Guide”

You are guaranteed to start enjoying your workout sessions after following the priceless information provided in this amazing guide. You will not be required to purchase any expensive or complex gym equipment while using this eBook guide that provides you with simple exercises that you can easily do in your own home. There are additional workout tips that you can follow to increase the effectiveness of the exercises you are required to do by over three times.

All the 35 quick melting workouts provided in the guide are accompanied by detailed explanations and illustrations hence making them increasingly easy to follow and implement.

Pros Of The Flat Belly Code Program:

  • Flat Belly Code is completely natural.
  • You are not required to purchase any additional supplements or equipment to fully benefit from the guide.
  • The digital system is written in a way that even a child can understand.
  • The 60-day money back guarantee policy provided secures your investment.
  • Flat Belly Code works for everyone.
  • The information provided in the digital system is fully backed by scientific findings and facts.
  • The illustrations and detailed explanations provided not only make the system increasingly interesting but also very easy to implement.

Cons Of The Flat Belly Code Program:

  • There are no tutorial videos provided.
  • Flat Belly Code can only be accessed via the internet.



As discussed in this comprehensive Flat Belly Code review the digital system that costs a mere $37 is a reliable, permanent solution for all your weight related issues. It is high time to receive a major boost in terms of your overall body transformation and self-confidence. Purchase and use the all natural system today if you want to finally get rid of the stubborn body fat that has become part of you over the years.