Hard On Demand By Brad Stevens is a Scam! Please Leave it Alone

Hard On Demand By Brad Stevens is a Scam! Please Leave it Alone

Product: Hard On Demand
Author: Brad Stevens
Refund: 60 Days

It is amazing what people can do just to get their hands on your hard-earned cash. One of the easiest ways used by scammers is to take advantage of your situation to confuse you into purchase their illegitimate products. In this Hard on Demand review, you are going to realize just how far these men and women can go. Hard on Demand is a pathetic scam and you need to stay as far away from it as possible if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED).

Why Should We Say This?

Defending my claim, that Hard on Demand is a scam is not easy, but I believe you will agree with me in the end. You are going to learn of many lies, inaccuracies and misinformation in the author’s presentation and even the program itself. First, however, let us explain what Hard on demand really is.

Hard on Demand is a viral ED product created in July 2016. It consists of 100+ page eBook that claims the ability to cure ED of any cause and enable you get rock hard, quick and long lasting erections on demand. One Brad Stevens created the program, a man who has first-hand experience on the physical and psychological effects of ED.

According to Brad, erectile dysfunction has just two causes- inability of the blood vessels supplying the penis to relax normally and allow blood to flow in, and an abnormality causing blood to escape too rapidly from the organ after intercourse. We will verity if this information is true and can be proved scientifically.

The Hard On Demand Back-story:

The back-story of Hard on Demand is that of the author himself. The story is as heartbreaking and dramatic as many others used by scammers around the world are. Brad begins his presentation by a truly heartbreaking statement. The ‘your penis is gonna DIE…I’ll be forced to amputate it’ statement. To add spice to the dramatic story, a sexy female doctor (urologist) shows up along with two female nurses who giggle.

He narrates just how his manhood failed to rise to the occasion during Valentine Day romantic night with his wife Angie. Apparently, his wife was supportive and Brad assumed everything would be okay with time. However, the problem persisted and even got worse. Months later, he could not achieve erection even for a short duration. He decided to see a doctor who gave him Viagra.

Things deteriorated when Brad’s sister in-law (Angie’s sister) confessed Angie was considering having an affair. He went to a doctor who prescribed Viagra to him. He had sweaty, 3-round sex with his wife but on the third round, things fell apart. Painfully, Brad developed priapism, a side effect of Viagra resulting in inability of the penis to relax after intercourse. Priapism is what the doctor wanted to amputate Brad’s manhood to control. However, she drained two pints of blood with her 18-gauge syringe to amend the situation.

After all the embarrassment, pain and uncertainty on the future of his marriage, Brand embarked on a journey to find a permanent solution to his ED. After months or years of trial and error, Hard on Demand came to existence! Such a painful experience but did it really happen? It is hard to tell, right?

Back to the purpose of this Hard on Demand review, why do we call it a pathetic, nauseating scam? Discussed below are our reasons:

1. Brad Stevens May Be A Lie


Someone who has created such a powerful and successful program must be proud of his achievement. For that, he will leave certain clues to verify his identity. Well, we cannot say anything about Brad Stevens. All our attempts to verify Brad’s photo failed terribly. A search of the name yielded over 14 million results. It is possible the scammer picked the most popular name to confuse you and me. The photo image too cannot be verified. This makes us think it is kind of a stock photo that you can find it here.

Portrait of attractive 50-year-old man
Portrait of attractive 50-year-old man

Our social media search has yielded nothing about a Brad Stevens except Bradley Kent Stevens (the coach of Bolton Celtics of the NBA). The affiliate page of Hard on Demand does not help either. The company behind this dangerous scam is Success Vintage Group. The CEO of the company makes an error by saying the author of the program is Agora, a copywriter. Wait! Is Agora Brad Stevens? We cannot answer that either.

Looking up Success Vintage Group, we could not help but notice it is a legit company based in Singapore. Its profile indicates that the company collaborates with authors by publishing and marketing digital products on platforms such as Amazon Kindle, social media and Clickbank. A close scrutiny of SVG, however, indicates that the company simply publishes and promotes digital products for their clients. The problem is that most of the products they are scams.

2. The Program Abuses Scientific Principles

We accept the fact that scholars sometimes also get it wrong. However, the information presented by someone who has literally no training on medical issues cannot be trusted. Brad talks of only two causes of ED. That is not the truth. Compelling scientific evidence indicates that ED can be caused by so many factors including stress, diabetes, certain medications, neurological problems as well as psychological problems among others. In other words, the cause can be at the level of the brain or at the level of the organ.

Saying there are just two causes negates every aspect of help research. If he recognizes that the brain is involved in the pathway that leads to erection and then claiming the problem can only be caused by abnormalities in the penis is a complete to scientific research. Besides, Nitric Oxide is a chemical compound while phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) is an enzyme. These two substances share nothing and therefore no single remedy can increase Nitric Oxide levels while at the same time controlling the levels of PDE5.

3. Information In The Presentation Is Generic

I believe you have left nothing unturned in your search for ED solution. That means you have some information about the definition, causes, signs and symptoms, diagnosis as well as treatment of erectile dysfunction. The author presents nothing new in his video. Over 50 percent of his presentation takes about the common things every man with ED knows and therefore nothing new.

The author goes ahead by mentioning some three unsafe herbs that have been shown to have certain effects on ED. The information is generic. Even more disturbing is the fact that Brad has not included any of there herbs in his list of herbal contain in the program. The recipes included in the eBook are also nonspecific and therefore cannot be proved to be effective against ED.


From all indications, Hard on Demand is a terrible scam meant to squeeze money from you by taking advantage of your situation. Stay as far away from the program as possible, if you do not want to lose your hard-earned cash buying bogus product.


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