The Hair Growth Formula Is A Deadly Scam – Avoid It!

The Hair Growth Formula Is A Deadly Scam – Avoid It!

Product: The Hair Growth Formula
Author: Mr. Johnatan Walson
Refund: 60 Days

Hair Growth Formula is promoted as one of a kind, permanent solution to male pattern baldness. Is there any truth about this bold assertion or is it just another scam cleverly designed to milk hard-earned cash from unsuspecting men and women? Authored by one Mr. Johnatan Walson, this hair loss remedy is said to be backed by solid research by Harvard University.

Several things do not add up in this hair re-growth formula leading to speculation that it is just another program design by a desperate scammer to swindle money from genuine people looking for a lasting solution to their problem. After listening and reading the video and text presentation of the author of this program, we have concluded Hair Growth Formula is a worthless scam and should be avoided at all costs. Why do we say this?

About The Hair Growth Formula Review:

The author begins by making some unfortunate remarks of you finding out about the bizarre and cheap secret that is three times more powerful than a hair transplant….And twice as fast…” Surely, this superfluous language is clearly intended to attract your attention and tune you to listen to his lies. Almost every scammer begins his or her presentation in this manner. He then goes ahead, shares a story about how his hair loss made embarrassed him, and even cost him his loving fiancée Jenna.

He also says that he used a number of medications, sprays, pills and shampoos such as Minoxidil, Rogaine, Nizoral, Nioxine and propecia. The author confirms the use of these remedies but only provides short-term relief. Stress also forced him to try all kinds of stuff that I found online, like natural oils, aloe vera and onion juice…’ But his frustrations and anger only increased. Seeing his fiancée happy in the arms of another man with full hair is what pushed him to fix his receding hairline, restore his head and go on with his life.’ An amazing story, is it not?

Well, let us take a critical look at this presentation and try to verity some of these bold claims. We will start by poking holes into the existence of Johntan Walson.

Johnatan Walson’ Is Nonexistent!


The author introduces himself as Johntan Walson, a common guy whose male pattern baldness pushed into becoming an inventor of an elusive yet perfect solution to receding hair. Walson provided a photo of him, which happens to be the biggest mistake all scammers do. The photo is not that of Mr Walson, it was stolen. The photo was used by Just visit the site if you do not believe what I am saying.

Furthermore, someone who has invented and authored a hair-loss cure that’s permanent, cheaper and more powerful than any drug currently sold on the U.S. market’ must be present on social media. After thorough research on social media platforms including facebook, twitter and Instagram we were unable to find such a name. The spelling of the name is also another problem. Although there is nothing in a name, Johntan and Walson are some of the most uncommon names you can ever find. If you search the name, the search engine will correct you hoping you were referring to Jonathan Wilson.

Who is Wat Po?

The author of Hair Growth Formula says he was inspired and got most of his information from a traditional Thai healer named Wat Po’. He wrote books detailing the secrets of ancient Thai healers. Again the author does well by providing a photo of the 103-year-old man with unusually full long hair. This photo too is stolen from this site

For all we know, Wat Po is a Buddhist temple complex in the Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok, Thailand. It would seem that the author simply took a Thai name and searched for an native Indian American image to tie it to in order to confuse you. These are blatant lies by desperate scammer to take advantage of your situation and milk money from you.

Now that you know the absolute truth about the existence of the author and his sources, I believe you are beginning to see the reasons why we believe Hair Growth Formula is a scam. Here are additional reasons to avoid this program like a plague:

The Information Provided Has Nothing To Do With Harvard Research:

While the author presents some scientific data detailing the root causes of hair loss in adult males and females, he is not able to tie his remedy to the research and clinical tests conducted by Harvard Medical. He said that his healing at first had nothing to do with science. He later realized that his DHT levels had miraculously plummeted.

If the remedy were based on solid Harvard research as he says it then he would be able to explain the exact mechanism by which the healing takes place. The author provides a source link of the Harvard Medical School (August 2008 issue of the Harvard Health Letter). However, the document does not seem to fill you with confidence as it starts by discussing hair transplant and FDA approved medications for male pattern baldness. These are the very remedies that the author discredited at the start of his presentation.

Desirable Results Take Time To Show:

According to the author, you can start seeing your hair returning within just a couple of days. While the natural ingredients listed including saw palmetto, pumpkin seed oil and fish oil can help reduce the levels of DHT, the process takes a long time and therefore actual results (if any) can only be seen after months or regular use. There is nothing miraculous about this remedy and it cannot produce hair growth within days as claimed by the author.

Terrible Lies About Price- Vivid Show Of Desperation:

Just to see how much this guy is interested in your money, listen to the part of his presentation where he discusses the price of his super-cheap hair loss miracle. Just like other online products, the Hair Growth Formula goes for just $37. The author says you only pay for site maintenance but in fact, you pay directly to his pocket. Do you not think the claim of site maintenance is contradictory considering his assertion the information can be pulled of the internet at any time.

The price falls from initial $300 to $150 and then to a whopping $37. His claim that he cares about you and does not want you to spend excessive amounts of money to solve your balding problem is the best way to convince you to pay for his illegitimate product. Fall in price is also ridiculous because what he offers in additional bonuses should increase the cost. To finish you off, the author offers unrealistic 60-day money back guarantee, which is meant to fill you with false confidence as to the efficacy.


As you have just learned from this review, the Hair Growth Formula is a scam. It is meant to confuse innocents like you to spend your hard earned cash to fill his pockets. The author is not real and all information in his review is perfectly directed at you. You will do well by staying clear of this scam. Do not lose your money to a desperate scammer who is looking for a get-rich-fast option. Do not buy Hair Growth Formula. It is a deadly scam!


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