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Memory Repair Protocol Review: Can It Help Reverse Brain Degenerative Disorders?

Memory Repair Protocol Review – Scam or Legit?

Product: Memory Repair Protocol
Author: Martin Reilly
Refund: 60 Day

Due to a natural aging process, all humans will experience some degree of decline in cognitive capacity. As such, you’ll develop symptoms such as the decreased ability to maintain focus, forgetfulness and decreased problem-solving ability. If left unchecked, these symptoms can eventually progress into more serious health conditions including depression, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease.


According to statistics from Alzheimer’s Disease International, nearly forty-four million people currently have Alzheimer or a related dementia. The same study reveals that these two conditions are the top cause of disabilities in later life. In the United States alone, nearly 5.3 million individuals are living with Alzheimer’s disease. One in every ten Americans over 65 years has Alzheimer’s or related dementia. Sadly, it is projected that in the next five years more than three million people aged 65 and above will have Alzheimer’s.

These are staggering figures and show that something must be done. Scientists have found out that dietary and lifestyle changes can potentially help reduce age-related cognitive decline. There are lots of medications out there on the market specially designed to help relieve the symptoms of cognitive decline. However, a significant number of these drugs are not that efficient and patients are always left wondering on where to get a long-lasting solution to their conditions. Fortunately, through extensive research involving a series of clinical trials, we now have a promising supplement that can help overcome dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, reduced cognitive function and other related brain-related conditions. If you’ve never heard of this magical product, its name is Memory Repair Protocol. In this post, we want to examine in excruciating details, what this incredible supplement is all about. Read on and enhance your knowledge and find out if it is what you need to say goodbye to your memory problems.

So what is Memory Repair Protocol?

Memory repair protocol refers to a simple but a highly useful program designed not only to help boost but to protect you against cognitive health, mental aging and allow you to experience a happy and a longer life. While it may seem like a diet, it’s not. Typically, it is a protocol for a healthy living made to boost brain function at any age. Unlike the other brain-enhancing supplements which are filled with potentially dangerous chemicals, this program is a hundred-percent natural and performs its duties by using natural ingredients.

As we previously mentioned, this product is more than just a remedy for brain-related conditions. This is because it equally contains a detailed and in-depth explanation of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Out of this, you’ll get to understand better how the brain degeneration occurs with time, how the brain ages and why your memory, concentration levels, and attention might start to fade. It is imperative to note that the most important part of this e-book is the twenty-one-day diet protocol. This system not only decreases but reverses all the symptoms of dementia, poor cognitive function, Alzheimer’s diseases and other related diseases in just 21 days. Of course, it involves organic, affordable, easy-to-find and high-quality substances that you can easily access at any local shop in your area.

Who produced this amazing supplement?

This comprehensive guide was created by a fifty-nine-year-old science teacher based in Stamford known as Martin Reilly. According to Martin, he designed this program after realizing that he needed to find a lasting solution to his wife, Sandra, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. During his research, he came across a 107-year old woman named Manisha from Ballabgarh. Ballabgarh is a small town located in Northern India and reportedly has no record of either AD or dementia and this is perhaps due to the types of food eaten by the residents in the region.

During this particular encounter, Manish provided Martin Reilly with the primary components of her special diet believed to promote cognitive health, which according to her, could potentially help reverse the symptoms of either Alzheimer’s or dementia.

His brief interaction with Manisha formed the basis of this research. Based on this, he wanted scientific evidence on the ingredients Manisha told him about. He then sought the help of Dr. Fielding Miles, a brain and neurochemistry specialist. With the aid of Dr. Fielding, they were able to identify the ideal ingredients as well as their correct proportions to trigger your body to produce ketones. Martin says that it took them more than thirteen months of painstaking research involving a series of clinical tests and trials on mice, but finally, they landed on a fool-proof and scientifically proven protocol for destroying dementia, Alzheimer’s and other memory-killing problems.

Up to now, this program has already transformed the lives of over fifty-thousand individuals, assisting them to boost their memory immensely, concentration and focus after a short period.

What does this e-book contain?

This product consists of two distinct parts. The first part is made up of five chapters. So let us break them down for you to have a better understanding.

Chapter one is entirely an overview of the process of brain degeneration. In this section, you’ll get to know the natural aging factors, the changes that occur in brain anatomy and all the functions that occur as you age. This is very critical to your understanding of brain degeneration diseases since age is still regarded as the largest possible risk for cognitive decline. In fact, studies have revealed that as a result of aging, the structure, properties and the general functioning of the human brain usually undergoes some changes. Perhaps this is what contributes to mental, psychological and physical alterations commonly experienced by the aged. Also covered is this section is the basic anatomy of the brain and how it functions.

In the second and third chapters, the author covers everything you need to know about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Even if you are currently suffering from any of these conditions, it would be a very good idea to have a look at what the author says regarding they may affect your life. This is extremely important since memory repair protocol may also help reduce your risk of developing either dementia or Alzheimer’s. Dementia may be defined as the loss of remembrance, rational thinking, and reasoning which prevents you from living a normal life. Research shows that Alzheimer’s disease accounts for approximately eighty percent of all reported dementia cases globally and is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. Dementia is often classified according to the brain’s affected area.

On the other hand, Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive and an irreversible brain disorder. It is characterized by gradual destruction of memory and your ability to think and reason effectively, eventually leading to an inability to take part in even some of the simplest of daily activities. Also explained in this part are the risk factors commonly associated with Alzheimer’s disease as well as the theories that try to explain Alzheimer’s disease and a host of other useful information about possible causes of cognitive decline.

In chapter four, the author has compiled a list of a few drugs currently authorized by the FDA for the symptomatic treatment of Alzheimer’s plus their expected side effects. The behavioral symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s such as insomnia, restlessness as well as irritability may all be treated with conventional drugs. But, each particular medication can potentially exacerbate AD decline. It is worth noting that all these drugs function by manipulating neurotransmitters involved in the transfer of information between different nerve cells. Sadly, they do not help cure or reverse the underlying pathology and cannot restore your body to homeostasis. With time, your body will develop chemical dependency and you won’t be able to live without them. This is valuable information from the author and which is aimed at letting you to understand the importance of adopting a more natural treatment therapy.

In chapter five, the author has provided you with some natural foods that can potentially help reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Most of these ingredients will be covered in the 21-diet protocol section.

In the last chapter, you’ll find a number of lifestyle strategies that one can use and experience a healthy, quality-filled life. They include exercise, avoiding toxic chemicals, meditation, avoiding processed foods and alcohol, adopting the Mediterranean diet, caloric restriction diet, the paleo diet among other scientifically proven options. All these lifestyle strategies have been discussed in detail and in a simple, easy to understand language.

So how does this product works?

Memory repair protocol features a twenty-one day meal plan filled with not only natural but affordable ingredients. If followed accordingly, it will help re-activate dead neurons, eliminate confusion or fog, restore the damaged communication network in the brain, restore long-forgotten memories and enhance the overall health of your brain. Previously, Memory repair protocol featured ingredients and recipes which were only available in specific parts of the world. However, Martin later found an affordable mix of ingredients which you can easily access from your local store.

So what are these ingredients?


The berries: Studies have proven that the berry family boasts of incredible anti-inflammatory effects. Did you know that inflammation is one of the leading factors often associated with aging? This is where most berries are useful, since some of them especially acai berry inhibits both the reproduction and the growth of leukemia cells. Cherry, blueberry as well as blackberry are all perceived to contain omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid which is highly beneficial for the health of your brain.


Grapes: Grapes are rich in antioxidants, polyphenols and anthocyanins. The health benefits of grapes are perhaps highlighted by red wine. Typically, grapes are filled with numerous compounds which may help protect the brain against oxidative stress, increase the flow of blood to the brain and protect heart cells, all of which are essential for anyone suffering from a brain degenerate disorder. Other benefits of grapes are reduction of cholesterol, cancer growth and inflammation.

leafy greens

Cruciferous vegetables and leafy greens: Vegetables such as kale, spinach, and leafy greens should form an integral part of your daily diet. They contain lots of antioxidants and fiber.


Rosemary: For centuries, it has always been associated with remembrance and improved memory. Currently, it is used in a large variety of cooking and can easily be found in nearly every local store. It can enhance your memory and blood circulation.

Lemon balm

Lemon balm: Also referred to as Melissa Officinalis, it boasts of the ability to relax and restore nerves. It has the same effect in the brain as either water mint or rosemary, having a positive effect on acetylcholine. As such, it improves cognitive function and memory.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate: You can protect the health of this vital part of the body and improve your life by eating dark chocolate on a daily basis. What’s more, when made Paleo-friendly with natural sugars and coconut oil it will give even more health benefits. Research has proven that it can possibly reduce your risk of dementia and AD. It also has moderate levels of caffeine which is believed to stimulate memory, mental alertness, energy increase and improved mood.


Cinnamon: In a particular study, it was revealed that cinnamon contains metabolite sodium benzoate compound that may support neuro-plasticity molecules. Simply put, it can help to improve spatial memory and cognitive function.

Green Tea

Green Tea: It is filled with flavonoids such as catechins which have potent anti-inflammatory function. Also, it has a possible role in the regulation of mitochondria; the powerhouse of energy production in every cell. Finally, it contains L-theanine which reduces anxiety in multiple studies.


Curcumin: This is a well-known phytochemical which out-performs nearly every pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories without causing any side effect. In fact, studies show that even a dose of between one to four grams daily is a perfect way to combat Alzheimer’s.


Caffeine and coffee: Coffee improves short-term working memory. Again, coffee beans contain another potent antioxidant polyphenol known as chlorogenic acid which can decrease inflammation, the build-up of blood platelet, hypertension and can as well reduce your risk of type two diabetes.

These ingredients form a significant part of the 21-day diet plan. They are readily available and affordable. You’ll just have to read through the program, follow the procedure as directed and experience the expected results.

So what are the benefits of adopting memory repair program?

There are many ways in which memory repair protocol can work for you. Below are the expected benefits.

It eliminates brain fog.

If you’ve been experiencing a steady decline in your memory, then probably it is as a result of the build-up of brain fog. Brain fog may prevent you from recalling information. Memory repair program is intended to help you get rid of brain fog and in the long run you’ll gain an improved recall capacity, clarity and focus.

It improves the health of your brain.

As a result of the of normal aging process, the health of your brain can deteriorate significantly. This will eventually lead to poor memory, inability to become productive and a reduced quality of life. The available ingredients in the 21-day diet protocol work holistically to significantly increase the overall health of your brain, allowing you function efficiently on a regular basis.

It can reverse and treat cognitive disorders.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are the two most commonly known cognitive health issues. By following this program appropriately, you’ll be starting a life-changing journey which will activate your brain and lower your risk of developing degenerative brain disorders.

It’s all natural.

In this easy-to-follow resource, you’ll find twenty-five powerful recipes intended to help activate the natural production of ketone, the chemical compound in the body which improves brain health and repairs any damaged brain cell. The delicious diet covers breakfast, mid-day meal, lunch and supper for a total of three weeks. Each recipe contained in the protocol features ingredients which have the potential to kick-start the production of ketones in the brain, which will combat any brain atrophy.

It is educational.

Memory Repair Protocol is exclusively educational and not only enlightens you regarding the best possible ways of improving your memory and brain health, but provides you with everything you need to know including the actual causes of dementia and Alzheimer’s. What’s more, there are many mood-enhancing activities which you can engage yourself in and enhance your well-being such as meditation, exercise as well as caloric restriction diet.

It is effective.

It is imperative to note that this scientifically formulated program has already transformed the health of at least forty-seven Americans. Every patient who has tried it can attest that indeed the program has helped him/her restore lost memories, focus and concentration regardless of their age.

The pros.

  1. All the methods provided in the book are straightforward.
  2. The ingredients are natural and readily available.
  3. It guarantees great results after the completion of the protocol.
  4. It is efficient.
  5. You can follow it from the comfort of your home.
  6. It leads to better understanding of how brain degenerative disorders occur.
  7. It does not contain any potentially harmful chemical.
  8. It comes with other bonuses such as the fact finder and meditation mind power.

The cons.

All the food components in the program are organic and include spices, herbs, oils and plant extracts which have been clinically tested to help the brain function at an optimal level. This implies that you’ll never see any possible side effect when using this product.

The Bottom Line.

There are countless supplements on the market which have been specifically manufactured to help combat the ever-rising cases of degenerative brain disorders. However, the challenge is that most of these drugs never work and even if they do, they are likely to infect your body with harmful substances. Memory repair protocol offers the best available solution to your memory problems. The program is what you need to improve the brain cognitive functions and prevent health conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s from developing. It has no negative effects, is affordable and highly reliable. Grab your chance today and purchase this e-book and start your journey toward a healthy life.




Hard On Demand By Brad Stevens is a Scam! Please Leave it Alone

Hard On Demand By Brad Stevens is a Scam! Please Leave it Alone

Product: Hard On Demand
Author: Brad Stevens
Refund: 60 Days

It is amazing what people can do just to get their hands on your hard-earned cash. One of the easiest ways used by scammers is to take advantage of your situation to confuse you into purchase their illegitimate products. In this Hard on Demand review, you are going to realize just how far these men and women can go. Hard on Demand is a pathetic scam and you need to stay as far away from it as possible if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED).

Why Should We Say This?

Defending my claim, that Hard on Demand is a scam is not easy, but I believe you will agree with me in the end. You are going to learn of many lies, inaccuracies and misinformation in the author’s presentation and even the program itself. First, however, let us explain what Hard on demand really is.

Hard on Demand is a viral ED product created in July 2016. It consists of 100+ page eBook that claims the ability to cure ED of any cause and enable you get rock hard, quick and long lasting erections on demand. One Brad Stevens created the program, a man who has first-hand experience on the physical and psychological effects of ED.

According to Brad, erectile dysfunction has just two causes- inability of the blood vessels supplying the penis to relax normally and allow blood to flow in, and an abnormality causing blood to escape too rapidly from the organ after intercourse. We will verity if this information is true and can be proved scientifically.

The Hard On Demand Back-story:

The back-story of Hard on Demand is that of the author himself. The story is as heartbreaking and dramatic as many others used by scammers around the world are. Brad begins his presentation by a truly heartbreaking statement. The ‘your penis is gonna DIE…I’ll be forced to amputate it’ statement. To add spice to the dramatic story, a sexy female doctor (urologist) shows up along with two female nurses who giggle.

He narrates just how his manhood failed to rise to the occasion during Valentine Day romantic night with his wife Angie. Apparently, his wife was supportive and Brad assumed everything would be okay with time. However, the problem persisted and even got worse. Months later, he could not achieve erection even for a short duration. He decided to see a doctor who gave him Viagra.

Things deteriorated when Brad’s sister in-law (Angie’s sister) confessed Angie was considering having an affair. He went to a doctor who prescribed Viagra to him. He had sweaty, 3-round sex with his wife but on the third round, things fell apart. Painfully, Brad developed priapism, a side effect of Viagra resulting in inability of the penis to relax after intercourse. Priapism is what the doctor wanted to amputate Brad’s manhood to control. However, she drained two pints of blood with her 18-gauge syringe to amend the situation.

After all the embarrassment, pain and uncertainty on the future of his marriage, Brand embarked on a journey to find a permanent solution to his ED. After months or years of trial and error, Hard on Demand came to existence! Such a painful experience but did it really happen? It is hard to tell, right?

Back to the purpose of this Hard on Demand review, why do we call it a pathetic, nauseating scam? Discussed below are our reasons:

1. Brad Stevens May Be A Lie


Someone who has created such a powerful and successful program must be proud of his achievement. For that, he will leave certain clues to verify his identity. Well, we cannot say anything about Brad Stevens. All our attempts to verify Brad’s photo failed terribly. A search of the name yielded over 14 million results. It is possible the scammer picked the most popular name to confuse you and me. The photo image too cannot be verified. This makes us think it is kind of a stock photo that you can find it here.

Portrait of attractive 50-year-old man
Portrait of attractive 50-year-old man

Our social media search has yielded nothing about a Brad Stevens except Bradley Kent Stevens (the coach of Bolton Celtics of the NBA). The affiliate page of Hard on Demand does not help either. The company behind this dangerous scam is Success Vintage Group. The CEO of the company makes an error by saying the author of the program is Agora, a copywriter. Wait! Is Agora Brad Stevens? We cannot answer that either.

Looking up Success Vintage Group, we could not help but notice it is a legit company based in Singapore. Its profile indicates that the company collaborates with authors by publishing and marketing digital products on platforms such as Amazon Kindle, social media and Clickbank. A close scrutiny of SVG, however, indicates that the company simply publishes and promotes digital products for their clients. The problem is that most of the products they are scams.

2. The Program Abuses Scientific Principles

We accept the fact that scholars sometimes also get it wrong. However, the information presented by someone who has literally no training on medical issues cannot be trusted. Brad talks of only two causes of ED. That is not the truth. Compelling scientific evidence indicates that ED can be caused by so many factors including stress, diabetes, certain medications, neurological problems as well as psychological problems among others. In other words, the cause can be at the level of the brain or at the level of the organ.

Saying there are just two causes negates every aspect of help research. If he recognizes that the brain is involved in the pathway that leads to erection and then claiming the problem can only be caused by abnormalities in the penis is a complete to scientific research. Besides, Nitric Oxide is a chemical compound while phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) is an enzyme. These two substances share nothing and therefore no single remedy can increase Nitric Oxide levels while at the same time controlling the levels of PDE5.

3. Information In The Presentation Is Generic

I believe you have left nothing unturned in your search for ED solution. That means you have some information about the definition, causes, signs and symptoms, diagnosis as well as treatment of erectile dysfunction. The author presents nothing new in his video. Over 50 percent of his presentation takes about the common things every man with ED knows and therefore nothing new.

The author goes ahead by mentioning some three unsafe herbs that have been shown to have certain effects on ED. The information is generic. Even more disturbing is the fact that Brad has not included any of there herbs in his list of herbal contain in the program. The recipes included in the eBook are also nonspecific and therefore cannot be proved to be effective against ED.


From all indications, Hard on Demand is a terrible scam meant to squeeze money from you by taking advantage of your situation. Stay as far away from the program as possible, if you do not want to lose your hard-earned cash buying bogus product.



The Hair Growth Formula Is A Deadly Scam – Avoid It!

The Hair Growth Formula Is A Deadly Scam – Avoid It!

Product: The Hair Growth Formula
Author: Mr. Johnatan Walson
Refund: 60 Days

Hair Growth Formula is promoted as one of a kind, permanent solution to male pattern baldness. Is there any truth about this bold assertion or is it just another scam cleverly designed to milk hard-earned cash from unsuspecting men and women? Authored by one Mr. Johnatan Walson, this hair loss remedy is said to be backed by solid research by Harvard University.

Several things do not add up in this hair re-growth formula leading to speculation that it is just another program design by a desperate scammer to swindle money from genuine people looking for a lasting solution to their problem. After listening and reading the video and text presentation of the author of this program, we have concluded Hair Growth Formula is a worthless scam and should be avoided at all costs. Why do we say this?

About The Hair Growth Formula Review:

The author begins by making some unfortunate remarks of you finding out about the bizarre and cheap secret that is three times more powerful than a hair transplant….And twice as fast…” Surely, this superfluous language is clearly intended to attract your attention and tune you to listen to his lies. Almost every scammer begins his or her presentation in this manner. He then goes ahead, shares a story about how his hair loss made embarrassed him, and even cost him his loving fiancée Jenna.

He also says that he used a number of medications, sprays, pills and shampoos such as Minoxidil, Rogaine, Nizoral, Nioxine and propecia. The author confirms the use of these remedies but only provides short-term relief. Stress also forced him to try all kinds of stuff that I found online, like natural oils, aloe vera and onion juice…’ But his frustrations and anger only increased. Seeing his fiancée happy in the arms of another man with full hair is what pushed him to fix his receding hairline, restore his head and go on with his life.’ An amazing story, is it not?

Well, let us take a critical look at this presentation and try to verity some of these bold claims. We will start by poking holes into the existence of Johntan Walson.

Johnatan Walson’ Is Nonexistent!


The author introduces himself as Johntan Walson, a common guy whose male pattern baldness pushed into becoming an inventor of an elusive yet perfect solution to receding hair. Walson provided a photo of him, which happens to be the biggest mistake all scammers do. The photo is not that of Mr Walson, it was stolen. The photo was used by Just visit the site if you do not believe what I am saying.

Furthermore, someone who has invented and authored a hair-loss cure that’s permanent, cheaper and more powerful than any drug currently sold on the U.S. market’ must be present on social media. After thorough research on social media platforms including facebook, twitter and Instagram we were unable to find such a name. The spelling of the name is also another problem. Although there is nothing in a name, Johntan and Walson are some of the most uncommon names you can ever find. If you search the name, the search engine will correct you hoping you were referring to Jonathan Wilson.

Who is Wat Po?

The author of Hair Growth Formula says he was inspired and got most of his information from a traditional Thai healer named Wat Po’. He wrote books detailing the secrets of ancient Thai healers. Again the author does well by providing a photo of the 103-year-old man with unusually full long hair. This photo too is stolen from this site

For all we know, Wat Po is a Buddhist temple complex in the Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok, Thailand. It would seem that the author simply took a Thai name and searched for an native Indian American image to tie it to in order to confuse you. These are blatant lies by desperate scammer to take advantage of your situation and milk money from you.

Now that you know the absolute truth about the existence of the author and his sources, I believe you are beginning to see the reasons why we believe Hair Growth Formula is a scam. Here are additional reasons to avoid this program like a plague:

The Information Provided Has Nothing To Do With Harvard Research:

While the author presents some scientific data detailing the root causes of hair loss in adult males and females, he is not able to tie his remedy to the research and clinical tests conducted by Harvard Medical. He said that his healing at first had nothing to do with science. He later realized that his DHT levels had miraculously plummeted.

If the remedy were based on solid Harvard research as he says it then he would be able to explain the exact mechanism by which the healing takes place. The author provides a source link of the Harvard Medical School (August 2008 issue of the Harvard Health Letter). However, the document does not seem to fill you with confidence as it starts by discussing hair transplant and FDA approved medications for male pattern baldness. These are the very remedies that the author discredited at the start of his presentation.

Desirable Results Take Time To Show:

According to the author, you can start seeing your hair returning within just a couple of days. While the natural ingredients listed including saw palmetto, pumpkin seed oil and fish oil can help reduce the levels of DHT, the process takes a long time and therefore actual results (if any) can only be seen after months or regular use. There is nothing miraculous about this remedy and it cannot produce hair growth within days as claimed by the author.

Terrible Lies About Price- Vivid Show Of Desperation:

Just to see how much this guy is interested in your money, listen to the part of his presentation where he discusses the price of his super-cheap hair loss miracle. Just like other online products, the Hair Growth Formula goes for just $37. The author says you only pay for site maintenance but in fact, you pay directly to his pocket. Do you not think the claim of site maintenance is contradictory considering his assertion the information can be pulled of the internet at any time.

The price falls from initial $300 to $150 and then to a whopping $37. His claim that he cares about you and does not want you to spend excessive amounts of money to solve your balding problem is the best way to convince you to pay for his illegitimate product. Fall in price is also ridiculous because what he offers in additional bonuses should increase the cost. To finish you off, the author offers unrealistic 60-day money back guarantee, which is meant to fill you with false confidence as to the efficacy.


As you have just learned from this review, the Hair Growth Formula is a scam. It is meant to confuse innocents like you to spend your hard earned cash to fill his pockets. The author is not real and all information in his review is perfectly directed at you. You will do well by staying clear of this scam. Do not lose your money to a desperate scammer who is looking for a get-rich-fast option. Do not buy Hair Growth Formula. It is a deadly scam!



My Honest Fungus Terminator Review By Dave Bennet Is A SCAM

My Honest Fungus Terminator Review By Dave Bennet Is A SCAM

Product: Fungus Terminator
Author: Dave Bennet
Refund: 60 Days

Nail and skin fungus is a real problem. Although it does not kill, it can seriously reduce quality of life of the infected person. Infected skin and nails are painful, deformed and discolored. These effects can spell doom for the sufferer, especially considering the fact that such fungus is stubborn, nasty and very difficult to eliminate. This is why many desperate scammers take advantage and milk money from innocent sufferers whose only wish is to get their nails and skin healthy again. Fungus terminator is a program that claims to help individuals suffering fungal infection “permanently” get rid of foot fungus.

The question asked by many is whether Fungus Terminator is effective or is just another scam meant to hoodwink customers and milk hard earned cash from them. This fungus terminator review will try to answer this question exhaustively. In the end, you will be able to make the right decision whether to purchase it or not.

Fungus Terminator Is A Scam!

Can we verify this bold claim? The answer is yes, as you will soon realize in our succeeding discussion. To begin with, the author’s website contains an excerpt of the literature review of a journal entitled “Medical Progress- Progress in Dermatology”. We are not sure why this excerpt is included. Reading it does not reveal anything remotely related to natural ways to cure fungal infection of the skin and toes. In fact, the article talks about irradiation as a treatment method.

Just below the excerpt, the author makes another bold claim – “New Breakthrough Reveals How to Wipe out Nasty, Stubborn Foot Fungus”. It is not clear whether this claim has anything to do with the literature review included in the website. The bottom line is that the author is not able to very his claim of a new breakthrough technique that to him could cure skin and nail fungus overnight.

Who is Dave Bennet?

The author of Fungus terminator is named Dave Bennet. It is impossible to verify whether this is a real person or just a penname. What is curious is his story. He says he developed the program to save his mother who almost had her foot amputated because of widespread fungal infection. Bennet claims that what his mother thought was a simple toenail infection turned out to be a “highly contagious killer bacteria… Responsible for poisoning her entire left foot without her even knowing it…”

It is true that toenail fungal infection, if ignored, can spread to the surrounding tissues. It seems the author does not know what he is talking about when he claims that toenail fungal infection turned out to be a highly contagious bacterial infection. Can fungi suddenly change into contagious bacteria? These are two different organisms.

In very rare cases would a toenail fungal infection spread to the entire foot without you realizing it. The infection is extremely painful and the more widespread it is, the more pain you will feel. It is not possible to ignore such terrible pain. It is not possible for someone to live with untreated toenail fungus for twelve years without seeing a doctor because of excruciating pain associate with such infection. No qualified doctor would watch the infection get that far without doing something to at least halt the progress.

The author did very well to provide potential customers with “real snapshot” of the infected feet of his mom. The problem with this snapshot is there is no way to verify it really belongs to her mother. If the Author really cared about his customers, he would give compelling evidence that the photo is real.

Further Proof That Fungus Terminator Is A Scam!

From the above information, we have learned that Dave Bennet has very little knowledge, if any, of the connection between fungal infection and bacterial infection. As someone who has been affected personally and who did “everything in his power” to find a cure for nail and skin fungus, we expect him fill us with confidence that he knows what he is talking about. Below are some of the reasons why we consider this product a desperate scam:

· Currently there is no natural permanent cure for fungal infections:

The goal of Fungus Terminator is to enable you cure nail and skin fungus fast and permanently. The problem is that curing fungal infections naturally is easier said than done. Fungal cells are eukaryotic meaning they resemble that of animals. Human cells are also eukaryotic. Products that hurt them will also hurt human cells. This is why doctors and pharmacists are struggling to find a cure for fungal infections.

Nature is good in providing some of the most important and effective solutions to health problems. However, there is no evidence of herbs, plants, fruits, seeds, juices or oils capable of killing eukaryotic cells “almost overnight” as claimed by the author of Fungus Terminator. They may work by complementing immunity and healing takes time to be seen.

· There is no such thing as relationship between individual toenails with different organs:

This is perhaps the most serious evidence that Fungus Terminator is a scam. I am medical practitioner, proficient in anatomy and physiology. During my years in medical school, I never once met any relationship between toenails and organs of the body. The author quotes one Professor Tao Wong who “used a particular type of Ancient Chinese Medicine to heal his patients when traditional methods failed…” According to him, Wong said, “When waste deposits build up in certain parts of your body, it leads to bacteria being attracted to outside parts of the body, like toes or hands…”

Additionally Wong said, “To eliminate a fungal infection from invading and spreading, you simply have to clear out the waste from the main organs connected to them.” This claim is ridiculous. Simply getting rid of waste deposits in certain organs cannot realistically cure your toenail fungal infections. Unless the author can verify this claim, we treat it as a desperate move to confuse you, the customer into parting with your hard-earned cash.




As you may have learned from this thorough, unbiased Fungus Terminator review, it is a desperate scam from a desperate scammer. If you are suffering from toenail fungal infection, other legitimate and effective remedies may take time to work but produce realistic results. Do not lose your money to a swindler who does not care a little bit about you.